Aim Strong

Our aim is to develop physical literacy through outstanding teaching of physical education.

The development of physical literacy helps children to be motivated, confident and to lay the foundations for the successful participation in PE, sport and life.

We strive to help every child achieve their full potential by teaching fun activities where children are encouraged to work creatively, independently and to make healthy lifestyle choices.


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Sarah Hodgson, Teacher

"Aim Strong Sport led some transition work with our Y6 to Y7 pupils over two days, the pupils developed some key skills and had a lot of fun at the same time"

P.Meredith, Head of Key Stage One

"Aim Strong Sport have organised a variety of sports events that have supported and extended the PE curriculum, enabling our children to consolidate and develop key skills as well as experience a wider range of activities than we can offer as a school. It is a working partnership that benefits both the children and teachers"

B.Wells, Headteacher

"Harry White has been a key member of staff at Folville for the last 3 years. During that time he has used his huge experience to support teachers in PE lessons, led PE lessons, run successful after school clubs, supported the school with behaviour development and introduced the Young Leader qualification into our curriculum.

Pupils, teachers and parents are all very impressed with his energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of sport, fitness and teamwork.

I highly recommend Harry and his team at Aimstrong to deliver top quality PE and sport development to schools."